What Luxury Do You Wish For?

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I have simple tastes. I could survive on soup and salad, and an occasional hot dog, and be happy. I need a roof over my head, companionship, and an Internet connection (because that’s business).

Nonetheless—to answer Jamie Ridler’s Wishcasting Wednesday question, “What luxury do you wish for?”—there are a few things I really enjoy that I’ve given up or scaled back on during the recession. And now that things are turning around and looking up again, I hope to enjoy these again.

Now that the economy seems to be improving a little, and I’m getting more inquiries about my services, and I’m even working with a colleague on a project that could turn into something big, hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy some of these luxuries again soon.

What luxury do you wish for?


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Welcome to Wishcasting Wednesdays Tim. What you wish for yourself, so I too wish for you. Enjoy the chocolate, red wine, Earl Grey, and Netflix; it will be coming your way very soon! 🙂

As Tim wishes for himself, so do I wish for him as well – the simple luxuries in life!

As Tim wishes for himself, so do I wish for him as well. Living simply has its rewards – the biggest one is how we cherish the simplest of pleasures. Here’s to seeing this economy turn around.

As Tim wishes for himself, so do I, Karmacoy, (a fellow lover of chocolate, red wine and Earle Grey) wish for Tim as well!

I like those luxury items, Tim! As you wish for yourself today, I wish for you also!

As Tim wishes for himself (and his family), so I blissfully wish for him also. 🙂

As Tim wishes for himself, so do I wish for him as well. great wishes! I love the foodie responses in particular but then I am biased. 🙂

First, let me say I’m glad to see you back in our wishing circle again. Next, I will say that when I’ve been broke, tea made me feel as though I wasn’t. Because the boxes and the art are so wonderful…because the fragrance is so real…because it’s relatively inexpensive, I used to treat myself to a box of tea and felt like it was a luxury that I could afford.

Go buy the Earl Grey…you deserve that little cup of bliss.

As Tim wishes for himself, so I lovingly and with intention wish for him also!

Hey Tim,

Drinking wine or tea, while eating chocolate in front of a good movie sounds divine! good thing about a recession is that it makes people more appreciate of what they have and what others don’t have. (And what they don’t need.) Congrats on an uptick in your biz! I’m sure your talents will continue to be noticed. I wish for all your wishes to come true.


Ah…. chocolate…. what a delicious luxury! As Tim wishes for himself, so I wish for him also. When we’ve both got a bit more money we can toast each other with a nice drop of Merlot!

As Tim wishes for himself, I so wish for him as well…

As Tim wishes for himself, I so wish for him as well:) I can so relate. Somehow I have managed to hang on to Netflix..it keeps me sain I think – lol. Every thing else is on hold these days. I understand. I think part of what drove me to drag us out of poverty was not being able to give my youngest the things their older siblings had recieved. I hope when they are older they will not remember anything but the good stuff from those years. Cause really it’s all about the love! Hang in there hon..things do get better – this I know!!! Namaste, Sarah

As Tim wishes for himself, so do I wish for him as well.

What a wonderful reminder about the simple things … they really can bring so much joy. And I am so glad to hear things are on the upswing for you – may your business be booming, and your coffers filled with earl grey, your cabinets with wine, and your children filled (but not too much!) with candy 😉

As Tim wishes for himself, so I wish for him also.
You are a stronger person to me to be able to do without chocolate, I would probably eat dark chocolate instead of a meal 😉
May you find your way back to wine, chocolate and netflix and a mug of earl grey tea and may you always have your loved ones with you to enjoy them with!

As Tim wishes for himself and his family, so I wish also!

Let the chocolate, wine, Earl Grey and NetFlix flow abundantly. And may your business BOOM! 🙂

Hi, Tim. Welcome back. I guess I started while you were gone, but I look forward to knowing you.

This recession is tough. My freelancing has pretty much tanked, but my husband’s still working; we’re saying “no” more often, too. It isn’t fun, and I sympathize.

As Tim wishes for himself, so I wish for him also; may the rivers of abundance, Earl Grey, red wine and chocolate flow freely.

As Tim wishes for himself, I so wish for him also.

I’m completely with you on the luscious delectables and movies!!!

As Tim wishes for himself, I so wish for him! Here’s to wine and chocolates soon.

A gift awaits: 40 bags of Earl Grey (flavored with bergamot),1 plus lbs of Hershey miniatures. I will guess an Italian Shiraz? Let me know…. Netflix? We can get DVD’s??

As Tim wishes for himself, so do I wish for him as well.

As Tim wishes for himself, so do I. It is a luxury to allow ourselves these moments of indulgence. May you find a way to give yourself a moment or two. You deserve it.

Blasphemer! Chocolate is a necessity not a luxury.

Now as for the red wine & tea, I feel your pain, man! Although the red wine would be missed irregardless of the recession, since I am pregnant. And the movies- well let’s just say we make our poor children go without so we can keep Blockbuster Online! My oldest hates us for not renewing her Disneyland pass this year… I’m sure her future therapist will help her sort through the neglect she feels…

Anyway I digress… as you so simply wish for you & yours, so I also sincerely wish for you!

As Tim wishes for himself, so do I wish for him as well.
May you business be expanding & booming.

As someone else pointed out, living simply has its rewards — namely, appreciation of what you do receive.

As Tim wishes for himself and his family, I do wholeheartedly wish for them also!

May the Universe bring you plenty!

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