A New Bunch of Books to Read

I agreed to get ahold of a copy of a book written by a fellow-author, and the only place I could get one was from Amazon. That left me with a bunch of dollars left over to spend in order to get free shipping. So I used the excuse to load up on Holly Lisle books I don’t have, including some from her older books now out of print.

You wouldn’t think that I would need more books, judging from the size of my Goodreads “to-read” list, all of which I have on the premises or readily available to borrow. But the fact is that I’ve been looking for some engrossing, character-driven fiction to read, and on that score Holly has always delivered. Besides which, the Little One has wanted to read Fire in the Mist ever since I told her about it months ago. (I had read part of it online at the Baen Free Library, but that was before ebooks were convenient to read, and I’ve been longing to finish it myself.)

But that wasn’t the end of my book acquisition. I’ve also set up an account on BookMooch, have already given away 5 books from my “to get rid of” pile, and have already requested 2 more Holly Lisle books.

All told, here are the books I’m expecting (some of which I’ve already received):


UPDATE: I’ve also managed to get a copy of Truffles by the Sea, which is Julie Carobini’s second book, which I’m also looking forward to. And I got Confessions of a Shopaholic, by chick-lit author Sophie Kinsella. I will also beg, borrow, or steal a copy of Twenties Girl as soon as I can. (I read the first chapter or so, and I do like her style.)