I See You, by Holly Lisle, Book Review

I recently finished Holly Lisle’s out-of-print romantic suspense, I See You, the story of paramedic Dia Courvant, who rescued the sole survivor of a terrible car accident, to find her own husband dead in the wreckage. Now, four years later, a series of deadly car crashes has brought handsome detective Brig Hafferty into Dia’s life. She’s drawn to Brig, but can she trust him enough to tell him of the terror that stalks her? Because Dia has received a message warning her of danger and death, a message that seems to have been sent to her from beyond the grave.

As I’ve grown to expect from Holly’s work, she immediately gets right into a gripping story filled with deep characters. I even saw elements of my own storytelling in I See You, so that proves that it’s good. (Actually, it proves that I’ve learned a little something about how to tell a story, that I see aspects of Holly’s writing reflected in my own.) Even the erotic scenes captivated my interest, and only in a couple places did the story seem slow or awkward. (Unfortunately, I can’t talk any more about those without giving away the ending, but if you ignore those few points, the story still works.)

By the end of the book, I was reeling from the experience. The main character Dia, as the danger increases, she almost seems to thrive on the helplessness of her situation, growing in strength and determination. To me, she is a true heroine, and not just in the figurative sense, because I actually found myself wanting to be like her, to feel like her, to react like her. No, she wasn’t always strong and independent. But when she needed to, she always refused to let her villain control her life. And it saved her several times during the story.

All in all, another great story from the pen of Holly Lisle. (I expected nothing less.)

4½ out of 5 stars – I loved this book, and I can hardly wait to read the next of Holly’s books that I have queued on my to-read shelf.