A Merry Happy Christmas Holiday

Photo © 2008 Dan Klimke CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Photo © 2008 Dan Klimke CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

I just briefly wanted to wish you a wonderful holiday.

We are planning on joining my parents for their Christmas Eve service later this afternoon. Then we’re all going over to visit my brother and sis-in-law for their Christmas Eve service. Tomorrow, the whole extended family (on my side) is getting together with my kindergartener niece for some good food and fun present-opening. This year, we’re getting together with my Beloved’s family later in the week.

I know visiting with family is not so fun a time for some of you. But it ought to be, especially at the holidays. Here are a few tips for making your family day the most enjoyable it can be.

  1. Avoid touchy subjects. (I plan on not talking about politics.) And if someone brings up a sore topic, feel free to smile at them and change the subject to something happy. You can always argue about the heavy… later in the week.

  2. Do something fun together. I’m hoping to jam a little with my brother (so he can show off his new acoustic bass). Of course, my niece will get to open lots of presents. And we’re doing the annual family Yankee swap (which some years turns out better than others).

  3. Breathe. Deep. Relax. Life feels more pleasant when you relax.

  4. Smile. Yes, seriously. You can even chuckle a little. Laughing makes you happy, even (or maybe especially) in the midst of an absurdly stressful situation.

Merry Christmas!