The Dangers of Shopping at Target

Yesterday, I discovered that it can be dangerous to shop at Target.

…wearing a red shirt.

I was walking along, minding my own business. I had been re-listening to season 1 of Gregg Taylor’s character Martin Bracknell’s radio play Black Jack Justice (one of my favorite latter-day online radio series). I had paused my smartphone’s podcast player and removed my earbuds, and was poking through my email, when a guy walked up to me.

“Hi. How’re ya’ doin’?”

“Hi. I’m fine.” Me, suspicious, interrupted.

“Do you work here?”


“Oh. Sorry.”

Then his friend called to him, “Hey, I think it’s over there.”

And the kicker: he was wearing a red shirt, too.

Where is a bona fide red-shirt when you need one?


P.S. Okay, so maybe not quite as dangerous as I originally implied. But enjoy these red-shirted photos anyhow:

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Did you see that cool trick someone played on Best Buy. He got a couple dozen people wearing blue shirts to just roam around the store about 30 minutes. Pandemonium!!

Is it this one?

The response of the Best Buy employees reminds me why I generally don’t shop there. I’ve never had Target call mall security on me just because I happen to be wearing a red shirt.


UPDATE: A similar prank at Target: Much more boring, as no one seemed to care what color shirts the customers were wearing. I also recall at least one other story (off the top of my head) of a legitimate customer being harassed at Best Buy. My guess is that because Best Buy is filled with expensive electronics sold at razor-thin margins, they tend to freak out and suspect the customers of being Enemies Outside. Bad business philosophy IMO.

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