More Artwork: You’ve Come a Long Way

Almost 5 years ago, I posted some of my Little One Abbie’s artwork. Now that she’s a full-fledged high-schooler, calling her “Little One” feels a little creepy, and reminds me too much of Lwaxana Troi. (But I still sometimes do it anyway.) Anyhoo, in the intervening years, she’s been posting lots of stuff on her […]

Found in My Bathroom

Looks like somebody left a little pea on the toilet seat… Have a great weekend! -TimK P.S. Photo courtesy my daughter, Abbie.

Some More Photos I Found on My Cell Phone

Some time ago, I posted some miscellaneous cellphone pictures that had been taken on my old cell phone. Now that I have a new smartphone, with a (slightly) higher resolution camera, it seems lots more pictures get taken. And most of them not by me. Actually, my Little One, “Abbie the Artist,” has been taking […]

How to Grow Flowers

The Little One was commissioned by one of her friends to draw pictures for a book about how to grow flowers. My first question was, of course, “How can you draw pictures for a book that hasn’t been written yet?” That was the Little One’s question, too. But she drew the pictures, and explained each […]

Abbie’s Artwork

(Note: Click here to skip directly to the video.) When does a child’s artwork become “art”? I was dwelling on this question as I put together some of my daughter’s artwork to post here. My daughter Abbie, now 10, has been drawing, sculpting, creating for as long as she’s been old enough to hold a […]