Spring in New England

This morning, a radio ad began, “Now that the beautiful spring weather is here in New England…” Ha! Good joke! Especially for April Fool’s. That made my day. You see, God sometimes has a bizarre sense of humor. One year, for April Fool’s, he allowed me to get laid off from my job, and so […]

Driving in Boston 2

(This is part 2 of a roast of the Boston driver. Click here for part 1.) The situation is exacerbated at rotaries. For those of you who may not be familiar with the Boston rotary, it is a complex, multilateral intersecting way, with no stop signs, at which everyone goes at the same time, and […]

Driving in Boston

Nothing requires so keen a notice, so focused a concentration, so large and intimidating a vehicle, as does driving in Boston. When we first moved to Boston from western Pennsylvania, we were both intrigued and horrified to see public roadways under construction, with potholes dug the size of the Great Lakes and manhole covers raised […]