Teaser Tuesdays: Taxed to Death (again)

I’m about half-way through Debra Purdy Kong’s backlist novel Taxed to Death. (And all you rabid readers are saying, “Get on with it already, will ya?!” Remember, however, I have other things to do all day besides just reading novels. 🙂 I expect this one to take me at least another week.) I’m not an […]

Teaser Tuesdays: Taxed to Death

Yeah, I know. It’s actually Wednesday… The holiday on Monday pushed everything late, and I forgot to post this yesterday. I’m reading Taxed to Death, by Debra Purdy Kong, as part of the “Pay It Forward 2010” group on Goodreads. I’ve just started reading the book, so I haven’t really formed a complete opinion yet. […]

A New Bunch of Books to Read

I agreed to get ahold of a copy of a book written by a fellow-author, and the only place I could get one was from Amazon. That left me with a bunch of dollars left over to spend in order to get free shipping. So I used the excuse to load up on Holly Lisle […]