What It’s Like to Finally Finish My First eBook

It sounds like such a simple thing. A list of 1001 character quirks for writing fiction. This is a tool I use as part of my own character-building process, because having a list of raw ideas makes it much easier to come up with the right idea at the right time.

You might think that coming up with a large list of character ideas might be the challenge in a work like this. But compiling a list of 1001 of my best character quirks was by far the easiest part of the project. Actually, the concept started as a printed booklet, and that sounded simple, too. But there were innumerable little details.

So, a whole host of details. Not “easy” at all. And now begins the truly hard part, marketing the offer and driving traffic to the mini-site. Yes, I know all the different ways to get traffic to a website and how “easy” it is. You don’t even have to spend cash for ads, right? Whatever. It’s only “easy” compared with canvassing neighborhoods door-to-door. I still need to drive enough qualified traffic to the site to prove that the offer is salable. And then after I get that far, then it can become “easy.” Because I can expand into direct mail and print and newsletter advertising and so forth. Whew!

Even before that happens, I’m already working on my next offer. But it’s a secret what it is…


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As for the advertising, have a look at the performancing.com community. They mention e-books in their blogging tips quite often and should be rather open to yours. Especially if you make it obvious how some blogging niches could benefit from your book and/or publish a free sample there

Hey, Artem. Thanks for the congrats. Don’t know about Performancing, because I’ve never heard of them doing anything on how to write fiction. But getting reviews of the book and links on writers’ sites is definitely part of my marketing plan.


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Thanks so much for the blog.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

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