What It’s Like to Finally Finish My First eBook

It sounds like such a simple thing. A list of 1001 character quirks for writing fiction. This is a tool I use as part of my own character-building process, because having a list of raw ideas makes it much easier to come up with the right idea at the right time.

You might think that coming up with a large list of character ideas might be the challenge in a work like this. But compiling a list of 1001 of my best character quirks was by far the easiest part of the project. Actually, the concept started as a printed booklet, and that sounded simple, too. But there were innumerable little details.

So, a whole host of details. Not “easy” at all. And now begins the truly hard part, marketing the offer and driving traffic to the mini-site. Yes, I know all the different ways to get traffic to a website and how “easy” it is. You don’t even have to spend cash for ads, right? Whatever. It’s only “easy” compared with canvassing neighborhoods door-to-door. I still need to drive enough qualified traffic to the site to prove that the offer is salable. And then after I get that far, then it can become “easy.” Because I can expand into direct mail and print and newsletter advertising and so forth. Whew!

Even before that happens, I’m already working on my next offer. But it’s a secret what it is…