Groped in Good Taste

Jeremy Brooks, looking surprised

A quick anecdote…

Jim “Suldog” Sullivan’s post today about being groped by a woman (and then later, by a drunk man), it reminded me of a “groping” anecdote of my own, one that interestingly didn’t make it into the Love-Idiot book.

I went rollerskating with some friends, in particular, a girl I knew, who was a close friend. (This was before I met Margaret.) By this time in my life, even though I still sucked at rollerskating, I could at least avoid falling over. I was gently rolling along, counterclockwise around the rink, when suddenly I felt someone grab my butt. Shocked, I looked back to see my friend chuckling. She had given my butt such a good squeeze, she even got her fingers… well…

Even though I was very surprised—and the two of us never were anything other than good friends—it also made me feel pretty good, ego-wise. I grinned back at her and took the joke for what it was.

(I wonder whether she remembers this, and what she thinks about it.)

Funny thing: When I told Margaret about this story, she seemed a little shocked. But I smile at this memory, in a “Ooh! Dirty!” Lorelai Gilmore way.


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MY WIFE was likewise shocked when I told her about my groping. She got a bit indignant, as though I had initiated it. Well, heck, if I had initiated it, it would still be happening 🙂

ROFL! Yeah, I tell the same thing to Margaret. “Maybe she grabbed me at the rollerskating rink, but I married you!”


Cute…and why didn’t make it into the book 🙂

I didn’t think of it before it was time to go to press. Or I didn’t have enough room. Or I didn’t think it fit into the story. Or I feared this story might be a little too juicy for the book. One of those. 🙂


That was cheeky of her!!!!!
Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving a comment.

Hi, Maggie. Cute joke. 😀 Thanks for returning the favor. -TimK

Skating rinks and groping go together like corndogs and the county fair.

LOL I only ever went to a roller-skating rink a couple of times in my youth. I would have been about 15 and I couldn’t skate so that was scary enough for me in itself, however, an older boy who couldn’t skate either grabbed my long hair from behind to stop himself from falling and I went crashing backwards to the ground. It HURT! He felt so bad and apologised and I was okay with it because I understood his reflex reaction but I never went to a roller-skating rink again.

Serena, that’s some story. 🙂

Travis, you’re probably right. I also accidentally pawed a girlfriend’s breast once, trying to steady myself on roller skates. (That story is in the book.) I think she understood that it was an accident.


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