Rats, Naked, and a Fast Car

Photo © 2010 Smithsonian's National Zoo CC 2.0 BY NC ND

Over the past two days, I’ve been (a) digging out from under more than a foot of snow and (b) taxiing everyone around in the Corolla (because the Saturn is still stuck in more than a foot of snow).

The Little One has had three days off from school, and my Firstborn is perhaps weighing the advantages had she stayed in the government-run high-school, instead of switching to a school that prioritizes learning stuff. Of course, the Little One will have to pay for her 6-day weekend at the end of the year. Immediate gratification has its price. C’est la vie.

In any case, I haven’t had time to write a proper Friday Fun post, so today I’ll have to rip off– er, I mean, link to, others’ material.

Rats! (And New Year’s Resolutions)

First up, a humorous cartoon by comedian Jason Love, all about animal testing of those New Year’s resolutions you may already have decided to give up on.

Naked with My Editor

Next, a delightful anecdote by Laura Weldon, the story of how she got caught naked in the basement on a phone call with her editor.

Fast Car

Lastly, a très kewl acoustic cover of Tracy Chapman’s song “Fast Car”, by Kina Grannis and Boyce Avenue, video posted by Kina herself. For music lovers.