Some More Photos I Found on My Cell Phone

Some time ago, I posted some miscellaneous cellphone pictures that had been taken on my old cell phone. Now that I have a new smartphone, with a (slightly) higher resolution camera, it seems lots more pictures get taken. And most of them not by me.

Actually, my Little One, “Abbie the Artist,” has been taking quite a shine to the camera. Her artwork, of course, has greatly improved since I last posted some of it three years ago. She says she thinks in pictures, which sounds like a good name for a photo-memoir… or at least a good name for another blog post. (Stay tuned.)

You can tell she’s artistic, because she dyed the ends of her hair purple. And then started to complain when they faded to pink… -ish.

She played Mordecai in our last Purimspiel.

Like her old man, she also likes to sing. But unlike him, she knows how to play a dragon tooth.

Of course, that’s relatively easy. Getting it out of the dragon is the hard part.

We also like to play computer games together… Hmmm… Mostly games Tim Schaffer
has worked on, apparently.

Yum… Tentacle chow…

My Firstborn daughter, Carrie, just turned 16. (Sigh.)

And the candles almost didn’t make it through the “Happy Birthday” song.

Some time ago, she and my Dad (and the rest of the family) organized our (collective) collection of collectible, commemorative “50-state” quarters.

She and I also do stuff together, too. We cook. We read (sometimes). We watch Gilmore Girls. We don’t usually drink Coca Cola, but we do both know how to say it in Hebrew.

Yes, “Coca Cola” in Hebrew is spelled with a ‘q’: “qoq[a]h qol[a]h” (but the letters are backwards and right-to-left).

We often go grocery shopping together. Not what you would call glamorous, I guess, but I think we find it meaningful. And we always find something fun to laugh about in the grocery store. Like this display in the cereal aisle:

Not so golden, not so sweet, not quite yet, would be my guess.

I’ll give you one guess which is mine:

(They did make a pretty good vegetable soup, though.)

Speaking of shopping, while getting stuff for Carrie’s sweet-sixteen party, I acutely realized how unfortunately realistic Rory Gilmore’s gaudy sweet sixteen was.

During the school year, I often walk at a local mall in the mornings. Must be getting close to that time, as I almost ran over the geese having their annual convention:

Since I’ve been visiting this mall, the stores have changed, the ads have changed, the offers have changed, the food court has changed, the bathrooms have changed, … the stairs have changed. One of the only things that has not changed, remains steadfastly unchanged, is this woman’s eyes.

Freaks me out a little. But at least I noticed (I guess).

Haven’t we seen this picture somewhere before?

A couple weeks ago, we visited the lake again. There was supposed to be a huge fireworks show, a belated Fourth of July, but some idiot called in a bomb threat—WTF?!—and they canceled the event. That made me wonder, do real bombers actually even call in threats? What a jerkwad.

However, we did go on a nice woodland walk with my sister-in-law. And got some nice nature shots.

Then we returned to the camp and warmed ourselves by the fire.