Independence Day Is Here!

Fireworks on the Lake (July 4, 2000)

When July 4 rolls around, I always feel like we’re well into summer. Of course, summer began just a week and a half ago.

I’m up at my in-laws’ camp on the lake today, family visiting with family. A comforting, cool breeze is blowing off the lake. And even though it may sprinkle a little later, right now, the sun is shining through a moderate cloud cover. Relaxing. Should be fun.

(BTW, there isn’t going to be an official fireworks display today. This year, it’s postponed for a few weeks, because of the schedule of the company that sponsors it. We’re all planning to get together again then. The photo above I included simply because, well, I wanted to include a photo, and that seemed a decent one for a fourth-of-July-themed post.)

My Beloved and I took our honeymoon here, almost 20 years ago now. (That’s a different story.) And this site served as partial inspiration for the Chase’s cabin at Ardor Point, in From the Ashes of Courage. That is, while I was writing those scenes, I imagined them happening here.

I’ll try to post some photos on a pinboard — Actually… [sound of web pages flipping]… There. I just created a pinboard for July 4, 2012. I’ll pin some photos there when I can.

UPDATE: I pinned some of my favorite photos on Pinterest. But you can see a whole album full on my Facebook profile.

Tomorrow, I’ll publish the “Depression and the Software Developer” post (but an encouraging one this time!) that would normally go up on a Wednesday.

Here’s hoping you’re having a wonderful Fourth of July!