Halloween Pumpkins Are Working Overtime

Photo © 2008 Paul J Everett CC BY 2.0

Just a super-quick post today, for my comrade-in-arms and fellow-blogger Jim “Suldog” Sullivan, who reports: “Christmas items have already been spotted on store shelves in the Boston area. GRRRRRRRR… THANKSGIVING COMES FIRST!” (Exclamation point added.)

So I thought he’d really appreciate this photo, for which I actually searched Flickr with especially him in mind. (And now, Jim, you’re free to poke nasty fun at me on this topic… But only this topic! 🙂 )

As for me, I tend to divide the year into two seasons: the birthday season and the holiday season. As soon as the weather begins to get cold, I grow a beard (my face’s winter coat), and my thoughts turn toward cold trips in the car and warm nights sitting before a roaring fire (which I can’t do so much anymore, since none of my close family has a fireplace handy, making a roaring fire slightly inappropriate). The holiday season is full of eating good food, playing fun games, visiting with family, looking back on the previous year and toward the next, putting up decorations, listening to holiday music, and watching football.

But the thing is, unlike Jim, I like to do all these things, all the time throughout the season. Never mind taking the season in small, self-contained bites. What fun is that? Have you ever heard of anyone who ate a holiday meal in small, self-contained bites? I mean, if I did that, then I wouldn’t get sick by the end of the day— and where would be the fun in that?

Therefore, far from waiting until Thanksgiving before beginning Christmas, I tend to start thinking about putting up the Chanukkah decorations and my parents’ Christmas tree and the Christmas star, and we start playing Christmas music, just as the High Holydays are coming to a close, launching the season. And I like to keep them all going until sometime in February or March, until Springtime kind of forces us to go on with our lives.

You may now mock me. (But I’ll still be right.)


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I would no more poke nasty fun at you than I would kick a kitten. You might visit the URL, though!

Aaarrgghh. I forgot to include you in my round-up of blogs who mentioned TCF. I’m a dope, a dummy, a dickweed, and bunches of other words that start with “D” and denote denigration. My apologies. I’ll put you tiop of the list for the follow-up, Tim.

I appreciate that, Jim! (The part about putting my on the next list, not the part about words that start with ‘D’.)

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