Bits & Pieces 2013-02-07

Links and things that I’ve run across recently.

What Else When the Power Goes Out?


I suspect that there may be an unusual number of new birthdays between Halloween and Thanksgiving this year.

(Too subtle? Remember that the power went out for a half-hour during the Superbowl? Now try counting the number of months from the Superbowl—the beginning of February—until the beginning of November.)

Unfortunately, You Have to Be a Computer Geek to Get This Joke

Told my doctor I was idempotent. He said he could give me something for it but it wouldn’t change anything.

(Tweeted by Ian Malpass)


Here’s a cute story, by Sandra of Add Humor and Faith…mix well, about some astounding coincidences.

Frankly, I don’t think I would have taken this one so well. Had this happened to me, it would have totally wigged me out.

Tempe Brennan Would’ve Had a Field Day

Richard III's Bones

You’ve probably heard this remarkable story by now. But if you haven’t, this is so kewl.

Faced with human remains unearthed from under a parking lot in Leicester, England, researchers took advantage of some fascinating 21’st-century forensic science to confirm that the bones were in fact—not those of Jimmy Hoffa—but were in fact the 528-year-old skeleton of King Richard III.

When I first saw a link to this story, I thought it was a hoax, or a joke, or something. Never expected the depth of the actual story.

Enterprise, Meet Nyan-Cat!

Enterprise Rainbow

I ran across this gem by accident. Couldn’t resist reposting it.

(And already, I can hear my Little One—who is not so little any more—asking, “Cool! Where can I get a hat like that?!”)

The image appears to have been altered (i.e., “Photoshopped”) from a scene in the episode “Q Who,” just before Q appears. I wasn’t able to determine the original source of the altered image.

Personal Status

Character Fiction 101 — I’ve decided to release this as a series of units: short ebooks of 99¢ each. The first is “Writing a Character Story in 5 Easy Steps.” It was about ⅔ done, but then I decided to go back over it and double its size by fleshing out certain points (so that the essay can stand effectively on its own) and adding additional examples (to increase its value). I’ve completed all the major planning I should need (knock on wood). Final word target: about 10K words, which I plan to have basically finished by the end of next week.

Other writing projects are currently on hold, but I’ll switch to one of them, temporarily, once I release “Writing a Character Story.”

In other news: My Beloved darkened and shortened my hair. (Pictures to follow.) Apparently, my press agent contacted her and insisted that I take off about 10 years. (Just kidding.) This is also why, by the way, I am currently down to 181 pounds and 37½ inches (according to my inaccurate bathroom scale and maybe-accurate sewing tape measure, respectively). And I can almost fit into those “thin pants” that have been hanging in my closet, collecting dust.

Last week, I found out a friend of mind had started a diet around Christmas. He cut out sugar and other “high-calorie foods” (his words). And shed 20 pounds in a month and is now talking about, “How do I stop losing weight, because I’ve reached my weight goal?” Grrr…

(Seriously, though, I’m happy for him that he so easily found a diet that worked for him. On the other hand, I do not plan to “stop” losing weight, ever, nor to go back to my previous, much-less-healthy diet, ever.)

Today’s Quote

A fire station just isn’t a fire station without a pole.

(Paramedic John Gage, Emergency!)

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