The Best Valentines Come from the Little Ones

The Little One (our resident artist) doesn’t know I’m posting this, but I don’t think she’d be upset. She got some white soap at the drug store, and carved it and colored it, as a gift for Mommy. I remember when I was a kid, buying (or making) and giving away Valentines to all my […]

A Well-Run Household

Today, I have a guest post from humorist Kevin Cummings, who graciously is allowing me to poke, stab, put him under a microscope, and otherwise enhance his discomfort in an upcoming interview at, all to promote his new book, Happily Domesticated. (So you can see what he gets out of it. The pleasure I […]

Abbie’s Artwork

(Note: Click here to skip directly to the video.) When does a child’s artwork become “art”? I was dwelling on this question as I put together some of my daughter’s artwork to post here. My daughter Abbie, now 10, has been drawing, sculpting, creating for as long as she’s been old enough to hold a […]