Making Fun of FedEx

Original photo by Jon Scheiber, © 2006 CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 … or, “So I didn’t actually expect to get my package, did I?” My cell phone died earlier this week. In technical terms, the charger-connector-thingee broke. And that means I no longer have a working phone. Therefore, I am dying of loneliness, because I have […]

Did FedEx Finally Deliver?

If you recall, last week I was waiting for my case of wine to be delivered. The business to which I had it delivered was open and staffed all week. But on Monday and Tuesday, FedEx’s tracking said, “Delivery exception: Customer not available or business closed,” which was just wrong.

Building Brand Image: 2 Lessons

My adventure started when sent me a special offer. I had ordered a couple cases from them last year. I drink a glass of red wine every night. At first, it was an attempt to reduce my blood pressure. Didn’t work. But I did discover wine enthusiasm. I’m now a wine geek, or at […]