Teaser Tuesdays: Fire in the Mist (again)

I’m about 85% through Fire in the Mist, one of Holly Lisle’s earlier titles published by Baen Books. (And now available electronically from the Baen Free Library.) Holly throws the plot a curve ball at around page 210, and breaks one of the premier “rules” of storytelling. And I’m loving it! Unfortunately, I can’t tell […]

Teaser Tuesdays: Fire in the Mist

A simple shepherd girl discovers her wild mage powers after a murderous magician destroys her family. Now every mage in the world wants to train her. But Faia wants only to confront the madman who killed her loved ones. I was going to read something other than another Holly Lisle book, but I’m enjoying this […]

A New Bunch of Books to Read

I agreed to get ahold of a copy of a book written by a fellow-author, and the only place I could get one was from Amazon. That left me with a bunch of dollars left over to spend in order to get free shipping. So I used the excuse to load up on Holly Lisle […]