The Amazing Plastic Spoon

I ran into this on Facebook, or Twitter, or some site or another. It’s been making the rounds, I guess. “It’s pretty amazing that our society has reached a point where the effort necessary to extract oil from the ground, ship it to a refinery, turn it into plastic, shape it appropriately, truck it to […]

Delve Engage Seek Ask Hope

The kind of stories we read matters, because reading can affect who we are. Although scientific research in this area is still young, I believe reading constructive, life-expanding fiction is an important component in a healthy lifestyle. That why when I write a story, I try to integrate 5 characteristics of life-expanding stories, which I […]

Thoughts on Life and Loss

I’m preempting my usual “Friday Fun” column, because this past week was a crappy week, crappy enough to justify a little mourning. Tuesday afternoon, as you know, a catastrophic earthquake hit Haiti, killing tens of thousands—maybe even 100,000. That number represents one out of every 95-or-so people in that small country. Shortly thereafter, we received […]

5 Points of Life-Expanding Stories

Stories teach, not just raw data, but wisdom. Ever since man gained the ability of thought 35 millennia ago, he has told stories. And modern research continues to reveal the constructive power of storytelling. However, not all stories edify. Like psychotherapy, stories can comfort us or distress us. They can make us better people and […]