I Am So in the Wrong Line of Work!

In the category of “you learn something new every day” is this post by Daniel Ikenson, at the Cato institute blog, about the General Motors Jobs Bank.

Rather than allow GM to layoff workers when conditions warranted, the UAW had GM assign workers to the Jobs Bank, where they were paid almost full wages and benefits NOT to work. The Jobs Bank was pitched nominally as a retraining program, where workers would acquire the skills and train themselves in the technologies and techniques of the future… Alas, the Jobs Bank became little more than a casino and lounge, where workers would report for a full day of leisure, reading newspapers, playing cards, and generally not adding value to GM’s vehicles. (Sounds a bit like my job description, actually.)

Okay. Truthfully, it sounds a little like my job description, too. But at least we do useful work, providing actual value to others. Just because we enjoy our jobs doesn’t mean it’s a boondoggle. And sometimes I do need to get things done that I don’t feel like doing. My job requires discipline.

Actually, I take that back. I’m not in the wrong line of work. But sometimes I do wish someone would pay me NOT to work, so that I can have a little more fun and less discipline.