A Dream to Explore

A quick midnight blog post and an announcement.

I swear I did not coordinate this with Jamie Ridler. It’s either an astounding coincidence or a message from God. At midnight, a couple hours ago, Jamie prompted for Wishcasting Wednesday, “What dream do you wish to explore?” And as the song says, a dream is a wish your heart makes. (That’s a topic for another post.)

But I already wrote and posted the answer, about 12 hours ago, when I explored my New Year’s dream.

In summary, my dream is to make a difference through my writing about unquenchable hope, about spiritual growth, about love without strings. (And love without strings is a big deal with me.)

To explore this dream, to start with, I’ve posted free-to-download ebook versions of my two latest books:

(That was the announcement, by the way.)

One of the reasons for posting these for people to download for free is because I want people to read these books, and I want them to enjoy them, and I want them to discover something in them that helps lift them up and pursue their own dreams.

And all of this reflected in a dream I had New Year’s day.


P.S. Here’s the link again to the New Year’s dream post I posted yesterday.