Feigning Pinterest?

Aunty Cookie's pinboard:
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Yes, I’m on Pinterest.

After seeing Facebook posts by Sharon Cathcart, Julie Carobini, Pamela Slim, and probably a few others mentioning Pinterest… (Charlotte Abel also has a Pinterest profile, and I thought I remembered her mentioning it on Facebook, but as it turns out, she didn’t.) After seeing a barrage of Facebook posts mentioning Pinterest, a (male) friend of mine finally suggested that I should probably get a Pinterest profile. So I did… tentatively.

Pinterest, in case you haven’t heard of it before, is a new social media site. Primarily dominated by the fairer sex, it consists of a collection of virtual pinboards, on which you can pin whatever you find interesting. I already have several pinboards:

These pinboards are pretty sparse still. But I’ll try to pin up interesting or personally significant images, as I encounter them or as they occur to me.

So what’s the title of this post mean? “Feigning Pinterest?” Well, I understand Pinterest. I think I get it. But I’m tentative. I’ve been on the Internet since before there was a World Wide Web, and I’ve seen these things come and go. (Remember MySpace?) For every Google, there’re a hundred AltaVistas (which interestingly is still online at AltaVista.com).

But it’s a good idea, and potential splash with potential fans of my writing. So I’ll give it my best shot. Even given Pinterest’s wacky IP license requirements, which don’t bother me personally, but could theoretically get a lot of ordinary Pinterest users into trouble— Well, with the current breed of IP-activist big-media companies, we can now get into a lot of trouble by breathing the wrong way. (“Hey, you’re breathing the rhythm to my hit song, ‘Doofus Me Doofus Does’!”)

And I’ll try not to jab the virtual pins into my fingers.



P.S. Feel free to follow me on Pinterest, or to follow individual pinboards.