Praise & Worship

Listening to the Siddur Project CD

Recently, my friend and fellow creator Julie Lavender released her music CD The Siddur Project. Julie hosts the syndicated Dreamfarm Café radio show, which features area musicians: an “experience of eclectic jazz,” says the show’s website, “an intimate window into the very heart of an artist’s creative process.” But Julie also writes and performs her […]

The Psychology of Worship Music

Isn’t it amazing, with the amount of time we as Christians spend in worship, and especially singing in worship, that we understand so little about it. This thought strikes me now, just a couple nights away from the next “In the Deep” (Saturday night, at which I’ll be subbing on bass, because their usual bassist […]

7 Reasons More Worship Bassists Should Listen to WSRS

I don’t think I’ve ever written before about playing bass, which is kind of strange, because I’ve been playing bass ever since I just picked up a friend’s on a whim back in 1986-ish and started jamming. (I’ve been playing other instruments for much longer than that, since the 1970’s.) Today, I play most Sundays […]