The Next-to-the-Last Cat Post (for awhile, anyhow)

Tessie-cat passed away sometime last night. She had been part of our family for almost 19 years. She was being treated for chronic kidney failure, and we expected her condition to irreversibly deteriorate within the next several years. Meanwhile, we all gave her lots of attention in her last months. We discovered her under the […]

“Dirty” Really Is Dirtier

A fun article I ran across while catching up on my reading today. Mentioned in ADVANCE for Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (a health-industry trade website I’ve been reading in order to understand one of my fictional characters): a soon-to-be published study indicates that the smell of a clean room makes people behave better.

I Am So in the Wrong Line of Work!

In the category of “you learn something new every day” is this post by Daniel Ikenson, at the Cato institute blog, about the General Motors Jobs Bank. Rather than allow GM to layoff workers when conditions warranted, the UAW had GM assign workers to the Jobs Bank, where they were paid almost full wages and […]

Here’s a Question…

Just catching up on my TV viewing, and I want to know… What’s with all the sex on Private Practice? OMG! Is it going to turn into another Grey’s Anatomy?! Here’s a better question: Why aren’t there any nighttime TV dramas about computer programmers? Is it because software developers don’t have ethical conflicts? -TimK

I’m so Pissed at RCN

There’s an object lesson in this. Bear with me, and I’ll explain. First of all, I’ve been looking forward to this for a week, ever since I noticed that it was going to be on TV. As you may recall, I’m a huge fan of Amy Sherman-Palladino’s work. Well, Amy got started in her career […]

What Should I Read Next?

When Pam Slim posted a link to a summer reading list of small business books then said, “I will not buy one more book until I make it through the stack on the edge of my bathtub,” that rang true for me. Happiness is a cup of Earl Grey, a book, and a bath. As […]

Short Animation: This Wonderful Life

While looking for something completely different, I accidentally ran across this short animation by Liam Kemp, called “This Wonderful Life.” The animation is a little sketchy, but the artwork is breathtaking, as is the story. You can watch the whole animation on-line at cgchannel, as well as read an interview with the artist Liam Kemp. […]

Boosting: Laura’s Winning Ideas

This week’s LinkedinBloggers Blog Boost: Laura Ricci’s “Winning Ideas” blog. Interesting recent posts include “How to Prevent Burnout”, “Professional Bloggers”, and “The Ways We Sabotage Proposals (And Other Projects)”. This last begins with a quote: “When you have been working more than 15 hours on the same project, you have the same mental impairment as […]

Ten Things Managers Wished They Believed

Kathy Sierra has another great post, this time on lies managers tell. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, so I’ll say these are ten things managers honestly and truly wished they believed. They probably even themselves think they believe these things. They say them because they know these things really are […]

Having Added Pheedo Ads…

… your RSS or Atom feed reader will probably re-display the last 10 posts. This sort of massive, feed-disrupting change is something I try to avoid. Feeds are an important part of blog reading, and as more readers are subscribing to this blog via the feed, and being the entrepreneurial type, I wanted to experiment […]