The 5 Rules of Book Reviews

Authors and publishers, in my opinion, spend way too much time sucking up to literary critics, which is why I decided to become a book reviewer. Of course, no critic actually deserves the respect he gets (myself included), not for his opinion in any case. And I dare say, publishers wouldn’t give critics the time […]

A Free Gift You Can Give to Authors: How to Write a Book Review (for a Fiction Book)

During this holiday season, if you are thankful for a book you’ve read, or if there’s an author you want to do something special for, here’s a simple, free gift you can give them. It will only take a few minutes of your time, and the author will really appreciate it, more than anything else […]

Why I Never Want to be Published

Recently, a fiction author told me that because I was “unpublished”–his word, not mine–I was unqualified to offer advice on writing stories. Of course, that’s silly, because getting published is not about whether you can write. It’s about schmoozing with editors and agents and about receiving enough rejection letters. Getting published is an exercise in […]