How Deep Is Your Sinkhole?

A happy thought on which to end the week. As you may know, we’ve been working Dave Ramsey’s system to stop paying debt interest to big banks and improve our standard of living. Well, this past week, I finally got paid for some contract work I did last year (yup—more on that in a bit), […]

The Man With the Scary Scissors

I think this is the last Dave Ramsey story I’ll tell for a little while. (Or at least the last big one.) But I have to at least tell this one, because I’ve already told it to several friends, several times, and it’s turned out to be a hoot. Dave Ramsey is famous for cutting […]

Bits & Pieces 2012-06-21

Links and things I’ve recently run across. Babylon 5 Fans: How many of these people can you recognize? Bill Mumy is probably best remembered as young Will Robinson on the original Lost in Space, but he’ll always be Lennier to me. Nowadays, he’s pursuing his music career. (You can catch some of Bill Mumy’s music […]

Budgeting is a Love Thang

According to Dave Ramsey, money arguments are the number-one cause of marital strife. Now, I’m not sure where he got that factoid. And I don’t actually know whether it’s true, because marriages—as all relationships—are more complex and nuanced than a single cause. Regardless, it is surely true that money arguments are a leading factor in […]