Share a Little Good News This Thanksgivukkah

Just wanted to wish you and yours a happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful Hanukkah. In a series of studies published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, study participants were more satisfied with their lives if they shared good news at least twice a week, with someone who responded positively to the good news. […]

On the First Day of Hanukkah…

In our house, we light the traditional Hanukkah candles, as we did last night, lighting the first candle and singing the blessings of the first night of Hanukkah. And we give gifts for the kids each night; not expensive presents like they’re likely to get from their grandparents on Christmas, but small, fun gifts to […]

Could You Ever Work at Starbucks?

I really wanted to put up a blog post or two this week. After all, I’ve been absent, due to the large amount of work it takes to give away loads of books, together with the energy I’ve been spending trying to untangle one of the most confusing messes of a software spaghetti that I’ve […]