In Honor of Indie, Unknown, and Mid-list Authors

… or “You Won’t Find These in the Average Bookstore Looking at my “to-read” bookshelf for something to read after slogging through Nora Roberts’s Northern Lights… Would someone remind me: why exactly am I reading this? I’m nearing the end, but the end can’t come quickly enough. Right now, I’m rating it at about 2½ […]

Keeping to Regular Deadlines

I have up at a blog conversation with Kevin Cummings, humorist and author of the new book Happily Domesticated. We talk about his history as a writer, his writing process, and (of course) his book. He does most of the talking. One of the things that I admire about him is that he keeps […]

A Well-Run Household

Today, I have a guest post from humorist Kevin Cummings, who graciously is allowing me to poke, stab, put him under a microscope, and otherwise enhance his discomfort in an upcoming interview at, all to promote his new book, Happily Domesticated. (So you can see what he gets out of it. The pleasure I […]