Big Book Giveaway – Video Promo

Here’s a quick-n-dirty video I made for this year’s Big Book Giveaway, showing off some books by Julie Carobini (Christian romance), Holly Lisle (fantasy romance), Jess C Scott (teen romance), and Sharon Cathcart (historical romance). (I’m sorry that I forgot to bring Jen Knox’s excellent memoir with me when I did the video. But she […]

Book Giveaway: Musical Chairs, by Jen Knox

True story: A teenage runaway. Alcoholism. Life as a strip-dancer. A child of divorce. And the ultimate search for reconciliation, inspired by the same family that she had left behind. When I emailed Jen Knox and told her that I was giving away a copy of her memoir Musical Chairs, she replied: “I’ll donate a […]

My Life Playing Musical Chairs: An Interview with Jen Knox

I’m sitting with Jen Knox, author of the indie memoir Musical Chairs, here in my virtual living room today. Hi, Jen. Hi, Tim. As you know, I loved Musical Chairs. What does the title allude to? “Musical Chairs” came from the name of a game, where music plays and kids run around a circle of […]

Teaser Tuesdays: Musical Chairs

Some weeks (or months) ago Jen Knox and I swapped memoirs. She sent me a copy of her book Musical Chairs, which explores her family’s history of mental health diagnoses, her years of strip-dancing, alcoholism, and estrangement, and her struggle for reconciliation. (That’s from the cover.) I also sent her a copy of Love through […]