Not Giving Up on New Year’s Resolutions

Right about now, you may be feeling that urge, which hits sometime during the first couple of months of every year, the urge to forget the New Year’s resolutions to which you had so daringly committed only weeks ago. After all, you’ve already eaten that cake, skipped that workout session, smoked that cigarette… whatever. You […]

Today Is My New Year

Your new year might have begun this past Saturday, on 1/1/11–as though there were something significant to that date. But my new year officially began today, on the first day the kids went back to school. (Yay!) There really is something significant to this day. I began by driving my Firstborn to school this morning. […]

Faith’n’Fiction Saturday

My hope this new year is to form deeper relationships, to connect with people more closely, and to make greater, positive contributions to their lives. I’d say this post is one of the first big test cases. I introduced these “hopes,” which could have been New Year’s resolutions—though I called them “wishes,” because I didn’t […]

Have you ever dreamed a New Year’s wish?

Once in a while you have one of those dreams that sticks with you after you wake up, moves you, speaks to you, but in ways you don’t understand upon waking. I had such a dream New Year’s morning. And the first thing I did was to write it down, or at least as much […]

Resolutions: 0; Wishes: 1

It’s the fifth day after Christmas, and you know what that means! Our thoughts turn to last-minute charitable donations (which we had every intention of making the previous year), New Year’s resolutions (which we have every intention of keeping the following year), and desperately searching for someone not too ugly to kiss tomorrow night when […]

7 Steps to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

I usually don’t care about New Year’s resolutions, because there’s nothing special about January 1. That is, you can make resolutions any time during the year, and you should. Because if you better your life only once each year, your life is bound to be boring and unproductive. So make resolutions all year round. Not […]