The Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan Drinking Game

Another TV Dr. drinking game, to add to the Dr. House Drinking Game, and hopefully the second of a long series.

I borrowed the Bones DVD’s from my parents, and now I’m hooked. More importantly, this show looks like it would make a good drinking game. Here are a few rules. Please add more rules in the comments!


The Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan Drinking Game

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LOL, I may try this but eliminate some of the “drink” rules. You’d be loaded before the first commercial…

Hey if you like this drinking game then you will love the one i found on this blog.

Eliminate some rules? No way! Some of my friends and I have embraced this game and started adding our own. It’s a blast, thanks for sharing it!

Excellent. Always great to hear that someone enjoyed one of my posts. 🙂


Take a drink every time Bones complains to Booth about the fact that she isn’t driving.
Also, drink twice if Bones says “Dancing Philanges”.

Every time Hodgins cries “Kin of the Lab”

Drink anytime someone they’re questioning for the case assumes they’re sleeping together.

Oh yeah, and anytime Zack has to be the victim.

When Bones walks and swings her arms sideways instead of from front to back, take a swig!

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