Book Giveaway: Can You See God in This Picture

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Welcome to the Can You See God in This Picture exhibit of the Bookroomreviews Book Giveaway Carnival.

Here I’ll be giving away a copy of my dad’s memoir, Can You See God in This Picture: A Letter to My Sons Making Sense of 25 Years as a Pastor.

This is partly the story of my youth. More than that, it’s my dad’s story. Written as a letter to me and my brothers, it shows how God worked in our life, through both the good and bad. Things didn’t always work out as we expected, but they always worked out. Unlike many Christian memoirs, this is not a story of unabated miracles. It’s a story of getting beat up and knocked down and tripping up and making mistakes, because that’s the greater part of life. The miracles are few and far between.

Growing up in the church often lacks the beauty and meaning that God envisioned

John King’s ministry as a pastor and teacher spanned the years from 1969 to 1993. He and his family moved 17 times in those years, and pastored in five churches, once even moving several times while at the same church. Occasionally down to the last jar of peanut butter, faith played a real part in their spiritual journey. And then there were the children.

With nary a negative word for the adults, Can You See God in This Picture? tells the story of what passion for God can accomplish, both constructively and destructively, and explores the angry and stupid things adults do in the church, which children see and remember. Written as a letter to his three sons, and with many personal admissions and anecdotes, this memoir has the potential to bless any whose faith has been tested, perhaps even destroyed, through church power struggles, theological bickering, political infighting, and all the other things that burn out even the good pastors and sometimes even force them out of the pulpit.

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