No Such Thing as an Overnight Millionaire

Occasionally, I see ads for a “system” that promises that you can make a million dollars (or some other large figure) with no effort, no skill, no customer list, and no risk. In response, I say, “Oh yeah? Well, if it were really that easy, why isn’t the author of the system doing it, again and again and again, each time making another million dollars?”

Seth Godin has a better quip about these make-money-fast schemes: “If no skill or effort is required, then why doesn’t the promoter just hire a bunch of people at minimum wage and keep the profits?”

Clearly, it can’t be that easy, or else everyone on the planet would either be a millionaire or would work for a millionaire who uses such a system. The truth is that even a simple business requires know-how, determination, and a success mindset. That’s why being self-employed isn’t for everyone.