Bits & Pieces 2012-07-26

Links and things that I’ve run across recently. Independence Day at the Point Catching up on some of my subscribed RSS feeds, I was enamored of a photo post by smilla4 on her Independence Day in Maine at Ardor Point— er, I mean Merepoint. Charity Versus Deeds of Lovingkindness Heard this phrase at a recent […]

The Asshole vs. the Nicest Man You’d Ever Want to Meet

A very old friend of mine pointed me to this article at the Boston Herald, about Paul Keigan and his story of how the American dream is over. Long story short: Paul Keigan started out as a Canadian immigrant 48 years ago, with $96 and the American dream. He got into sales at a car […]

No Such Thing as an Overnight Millionaire

Occasionally, I see ads for a “system” that promises that you can make a million dollars (or some other large figure) with no effort, no skill, no customer list, and no risk. In response, I say, “Oh yeah? Well, if it were really that easy, why isn’t the author of the system doing it, again […]

In a Truly Free Market, Small Businesses Would Rule

Another interesting post on the Cato Institute blog, this time by Timothy B. Lee, commenting on an essay by Roderick Long, which argues that corporate welfare, government-imposed barriers to entry, and the like favor big business, and businesses would be smaller in a truly free economy. What caught my eye about Long’s article was his […]

Why I Like Being a One-man Entrepreneur

A few weeks ago Seth Godin wrote that a business can be “too small to fail”. That is, while bigger businesses can afford to take risks without going under… A small acting bank would never have invested in tens of thousands of loans that they hadn’t looked at. And a small acting startup wouldn’t hire […]

Why I Never Want to be Published

Recently, a fiction author told me that because I was “unpublished”–his word, not mine–I was unqualified to offer advice on writing stories. Of course, that’s silly, because getting published is not about whether you can write. It’s about schmoozing with editors and agents and about receiving enough rejection letters. Getting published is an exercise in […]

Secrets of Business from Rainforest Cafe

It’s summertime. Lazy days. Vacations. Time off. The kids are out of school. And only 17 16 15 days before they go back! (But that’s a different story.) I’ve been working part-time while they’re home with me over the summer. Last Friday, my parents took us all out to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe, and […]