11 Thoughts on the Love Boat

The (Real) Love Boat. Photo by "WintrHawk" on Flickr. ©2007 CC BY-NC 2.0

Earlier this week, I tweeted, “Yippee! NetFlix is shipping me the new Love Boat DVD’s today! (Yeah, I like The Love Boat. So sue me! <g>)”

To that Robin (aka @Tuphlos) retorted, “I’m suing you for putting that theme song into my head.”

No need for a lawsuit, Robin! (By the way, did I mention how pretty the name “Robin” is?) No need for a lawsuit, because there’s a simple solution: just start humming the “Small World” song! No more Love Boat sailing through your head! Problem solved!

In any case, Netflix did mail me the latest batch of Love Boat DVD’s (Season 2, Vol. 2), released just last week. And I’ve been having fun watching them. So I jotted down a few random thoughts that came to mind in between stupid laughs and romantic moments.

  1. I guess I understand how Robin feels. I was going to record a quick video singing The Love Boat theme song, but I just couldn’t get through it with a straight face. Oh well.

  2. You know, I bought a copy of Janet Evanovich’s The Grande Finale on a whim in a drugstore, because it seemed similar to The Love Boat. I gotta tell you, it was even worse. But I enjoyed it, because it was fun to read.

  3. Tell me another corny joke, PLEEEEZE.

  4. Has Dr. Bricker been married 3 times or 4? I lost track again.

  5. And hasn’t he ever heard of professional ethics? You’re not supposed to tell Julie that her old friend is pregnant and that no one knows. You’re also not supposed to go behind a patient’s back and talk to her husband about her Valium addiction.

    On the other hand, professional ethics is far overrated. Romantic drama is so much more fun!

  6. Julie, sweetie, if I can tell from here that you’re not wearing a bra, your dress is too thin.

  7. Isaac always gets so bent out of shape about knowing celebrities, but really, it’s no big deal.

    On the other hand, when I showed the Love-Idiot book to a friend, and she was reading the back cover, and she suddenly stopped and interrupted me and exclaimed, “You know Delilah?!” Well, kosher or not, there’s a little ham in each of us.

    By the way, K-O-double-L spells “koll,” not cool.

  8. Profound: How many divorced couples have simply never learned to respect each other’s differences? No wonder the kids get caught in the middle.

  9. I think someone was using this nectarine to play baseball. (That doesn’t have anything to do with The Love Boat. I just bit into a nectarine that’s mushier than applesauce.)

  10. Gopher as Stan Laurel, eh? Well, you didn’t expect him to play Oliver Hardy, did you?!

  11. Merrill Stubing is the original sexy, bald captain!

And one more thought, as Captain Stubing put it, “Just because you’re miserable doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun!” Yeah, actually, that’s true!