The “On the Couch with Frasier” Drinking Game

Frasier evokes strong memories for me. Back in the day, we used to record episodes on VHS. And then I went over to my parents’ and put on Frasier and worked late into the night on their Windows computer—mine ran Linux—practicing designing 3D scenes. My idea was to create a computer game about a haunted […]

The “In Plain Sight” Drinking Game

I wrote earlier this week on Be the Story about how I was getting into In Plain Sight. Unfortunately, if you’re unfamiliar with the show, I can neither confirm nor deny that it even exists. We all know, you know, but we don’t actually know. The location at which this game will occur is also […]

Mission Magical

How I love Mission: Impossible! Let me count the ways… There’s a quirk of personal history connected with this show. The first time I ever saw it was as a teenager, when I happened to catch a rerun of a 1970 episode, “The Killer.” In this episode, co-starring Leonard Nimoy, the IMF team cons a […]

Our Favorite Star Trek Episodes

Yes, Star Trek. Specifically, The Next Generation. The Little One and I have been watching select episodes together. I’ve been enjoying them on DVD, and she both startled and thrilled me when she started enjoying the show right alongside me. I panicked just a little when—right in the middle of a Borg marathon—she asked to […]

11 Thoughts on the Love Boat

Earlier this week, I tweeted, “Yippee! NetFlix is shipping me the new Love Boat DVD’s today! (Yeah, I like The Love Boat. So sue me! <g>)” To that Robin (aka @Tuphlos) retorted, “I’m suing you for putting that theme song into my head.” No need for a lawsuit, Robin! (By the way, did I mention […]

My Favorite Columbos

Some years ago, A&E ran a special miniseries of Columbo episodes called Columbo’s Favorite Columbos. Peter Falk chose his four favorite episodes from the original NBC series and introduced each one. Today, I thought I’d do the same thing, with my own 4 favorites. Except that aside from the original episodes, I’m also including any […]

Truth in Advertising: New Names for Cable Channels

I’ve been noticing a change in the programming in many cable TV channels. I am therefore proposing the following name changes: The Discovery Channel will henceforth be called the Extreme Feats and Blowing Stuff Up Channel. The History Channel will henceforth be called the Dangerous Jobs and Ghosts and UFO’s Channel. The Learning Channel will […]

Lie Detecting: A Bullshit Episode Penn & Teller Should Do

Penn & Teller haven’t yet done an episode on lie detecting for their Emmy-nominated series Penn & Teller: Bullshit! (which you can get on DVD). On Bullshit Penn & Teller expose, rip apart, and generally make fun of nonsense from talking to the dead to alien abduction to alternative, new-age medical mumbo jumbo to conspiracy […]

The Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan Drinking Game

Another TV Dr. drinking game, to add to the Dr. House Drinking Game, and hopefully the second of a long series. I borrowed the Bones DVD’s from my parents, and now I’m hooked. More importantly, this show looks like it would make a good drinking game. Here are a few rules. Please add more rules […]

The Dr. House Drinking Game

House M.D. is indeed one of the best shows on TV. Like many others, I enjoy watching it. And to increase my enjoyment of the show even more, I started a House Drinking Game. With the help of others, inlcuding Jim “Suldog” Sullivan and Digg user toxicredm, I now present: The Dr. House Drinking Game