How Many of These Games Can You Identify?

I was reminiscing on YouTube on my Commodore 64, the third computer I ever had. The first was a Sinclaire ZX81, with 1KB RAM, no sound, and black-and-white video. Then we upgraded that with a 16KB RAM pack.

Then my parents upgraded me the following Christmas to a Commodore VIC-20, which had a whole 4KB RAM, sound, and color graphics. At some point, we also got an 8KB RAM expansion cartridge, and I remember programming it in assembly code, using the Machine Code Monitor cartridge to debug my programs.

The following year, we got a Commodore 64, which had a whole 64KB RAM—more than any other computer at the time—and new sound and graphics chips that were trés kewl. The Commodore 64 is unique in my memory, because I not only remember programming it, I also remember playing games on it, including a number of the games featured in this video:

How many of those games can you identify? Or at least remember?

I got 9 (out of 28), but this video misses a number of games that I remember playing on the Commodore 64. At least they included Impossible Mission, though. 🙂