Some More Photos I Found on My Cell Phone

Some time ago, I posted some miscellaneous cellphone pictures that had been taken on my old cell phone. Now that I have a new smartphone, with a (slightly) higher resolution camera, it seems lots more pictures get taken. And most of them not by me. Actually, my Little One, “Abbie the Artist,” has been taking […]

I Am Such a Geek (The Star Trek: TNG Trivia Game)

One of the quip-hits from an ebook I’m putting together for Read-an-ebook week, Catnapping for a Living: Humorous Sketches and Tails (because I don’t have enough time to think of a better title): “Tomolok the Romulan is dead now, you know. But he’ll always be G’Kar to me. I am such a geek.” And if […]

How Many of These Games Can You Identify?

I was reminiscing on YouTube on my Commodore 64, the third computer I ever had. The first was a Sinclaire ZX81, with 1KB RAM, no sound, and black-and-white video. Then we upgraded that with a 16KB RAM pack. Then my parents upgraded me the following Christmas to a Commodore VIC-20, which had a whole 4KB […]