My Little One Said e-Posters Were a Kewl Idea

So I started putting together some. I’m talking about those graphic e-card thingies with funny and/or touching and/or meaningless pictures and witty and/or insightful and/or opinionated sayings that everyone shares incessantly on Facebook. Sometimes these sayings are quotes of important people, and sometimes they’re just random sayings.

Seeing these on Facebook, it suddenly hit me, I should be on there! So I asked my Little One what she thought of the idea, and she bubbled, “That is such a kewl idea!”

So I decided to agree with her. I began putting together a series of e-posters, featuring funny and/or touching and/or meaningless pictures with witty, insightful, and sometimes opinionated sayings by the most important person in the universe, Me.

(Okay, that did sound a little narcissistic, didn’t it?)

I’ve been posting them on my Facebook fan page, one at a time. I’ll continue to do that, maybe a few per week, until my stock of witty and/or insightful and/or meaningless one-liners runs out.

For now, here’s a preview of my entire stock so far, which are quotes from Love through the Eyes of an Idiot. I’m publishing these all under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, so please download and share!


[Images after the break. Click to view full-size.]