Love through the Eyes of an Idiot

Regrets of Sorrow and Forgiveness

“Re had been riding her dirt bike without a helmet, accelerating too fast, when she lost control and ran headlong into a tree. She had been killed instantly. And I had been out, almost losing my virginity, when the call had come in.” That last sentence is a lie. When I originally wrote it, I […]

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today, I turn 44 years old. I’ve already got two big birthday presents. The first is that today is the first day after the last day I have to drive my Firstborn to school this year. (Yay! School’s out!) It’s the changing of the season, which always excites me. The other big birthday present I […]

The Joy of Old Friends and New Family

In early August, while the girls were at camp, I spent a lot of uninterrupted time with Tessie-cat. At almost-19 years, she’s even older (in cat years) than I am. I call her “my geriatric cat,” which is what she is. All she did for the whole week was to sit on the back on […]

Teaser Tuesdays on My Wedding Anniversary

As of today, I have been married to Margaret, My Beloved, for 19 years. (Remember to wish us a happy anniversary!) So today, just a quick snippet from one of my own books, a memoir in which I tell the story of meeting My Beloved. Today’s teaser, from chapter 11 of Love through the Eyes […]

My Little One Said e-Posters Were a Kewl Idea

So I started putting together some. I’m talking about those graphic e-card thingies with funny and/or touching and/or meaningless pictures and witty and/or insightful and/or opinionated sayings that everyone shares incessantly on Facebook. Sometimes these sayings are quotes of important people, and sometimes they’re just random sayings. Seeing these on Facebook, it suddenly hit me, […]

Budgeting is a Love Thang

According to Dave Ramsey, money arguments are the number-one cause of marital strife. Now, I’m not sure where he got that factoid. And I don’t actually know whether it’s true, because marriages—as all relationships—are more complex and nuanced than a single cause. Regardless, it is surely true that money arguments are a leading factor in […]

Three Kinds of Love

This is so très kewl! I was watching on NetFlix a Discovery Channel documentary, The Science of Sex Appeal… research for my next novel. Anyhow, at one point during the program, anthropologist Helen Fisher said: I think that we’ve evolved three distinctly different brain systems for love. One is the sex drive, the craving for […]

Giving Stuff Away Is Hard Work

I finally unpacked the three cartons of books that arrived from the printer’s last week, ripped out the packing material, counted the quantities to make sure they were all there, and combined them with my leftover stock into two big piles. Sent out three copies: two autographed for last week’s giveaways and one more for […]

“Big Book Giveaway” Begins

Missy Frye has graciously allowed me to give away a copy of the Love-Idiot book in order to support the “Just Write Blog Carnival,” which has published numerous links to my own articles and stories. This is just the first in a large number of giveaways happening across the Internet over the coming weeks. I’ll […]

A Young Love Story: The Sister I Never Had

Just before my 15’th birthday, my father attended a weekend business meeting at a small college in Utica, NY, and the whole family came along for a weekend road trip. Hung up on a girl I had met in school, before I had left for Utica, she and I argued. Words were spoken. Angers flared. […]