Friday Snippets

The Last Friday Snippet of Februrary

Here’s another scene from the chapter just posted at Abe’s Turn. This is something that happened to Clydene two years ago, on Valentine’s day, 2006, during a different time in her and Ted’s relationship. But before that, because it’s leap day–and because that snippet is short–I’ve included part of an earlier chapter from Abe’s Turn, […]

A Friday Snippet on Saturday

My day job, as they say, is that of an independent software contractor and consultant. This work supplements any cash I earn writing. (And it’s a lot of cash. I earn much more per hour as a software consultant than may even be possible as a writer. But that’s another blog post.) Because I’m self-employed, […]

Friday Snippet, and a Valentine’s Gift for Writers

I know I haven’t posted a Friday Snippet in a long time. That’s because my top writing priority has been The Conscience of Abe’s Turn. So here’s a snippet from the upcoming (not posted yet) chapter of Abe’s Turn. But first, I have a Valentine’s Gift for writers who are fans of Holly Lisle’s excellent […]

Friday Snippet: The Widow’s Granddaughter (2)

Here’s the second part of “The Widow’s Granddaughter.” This story uses a character, Jeffrey Tanner, I developed as an example for 1001 Character Quirks for Writing Fiction. I also developed the other characters using the same process I describe in that ebook, but Jeffrey is the only character I use as an example. -TimK P.S. […]

Friday Snippet: The Widow’s Granddaughter

Here’s the beginning of a story I’ve been working on for a very special project, which I will be announcing soon (I hope). I’m not yet firm on the title, but I’m really liking “The Widow’s Granddaughter.” -TimK P.S. Please leave a comment telling me how you like it. WARNING: This story contains strong language […]

Aborted Works in Progress (and a Friday Snippet)

One of the things that has struck me recently is the sheer number of aborted works-in-progress from my past. It feels really strange, now that I’m completing a whole story every 5 weeks, and that’s a lazy pace. Some of these works-in-progress I aborted because I lost interest. Others were just beyond my skills at […]

Friday Snippet: Pine

For this week’s Friday Snippet, I’d like to share a short-short story I wrote a couple years ago, entitled “Pine.” It was a writing exercise for the now-defunct Alchera Project, inspired by a photo of a certain house. The take-away: Never underestimate where a story might come from. They’re everywhere. Enjoy! -TimK P.S. If you […]