New Release: Free Romance eStory for eReaders

I’ve majorly revised “The Widow’s Granddaughter,” a short story (about 12,000 words) I wrote a few years ago. This is the story of Marietta, a pretty, young woman who has had one bad relationship after another, starting with her parents. Fortunately, they were gone for most of her life. She grew up living with her […]

When Nothing Goes the Way It Ought

This past week, I asked on Facebook, “When NOTHING seems to be going as it should, how do you avoid getting all negative?” My Facebook friends gave me a number of possible answers, but nothing really hit home, this past Saturday morning in synagogue when we read a selection from First Samuel chapter 1. Suddenly, […]

I Want Your Opinion on a Potential New Book: People Stories

My daughter has been bugging me to write this book ever since I shared the idea with her. I’d like to get your opinion, though, whether you think it would be worth reading. This book might appeal to you if you enjoy deep characters that challenge your preconceptions, if you are fascinated by the human […]

Friday Snippet: Pine

For this week’s Friday Snippet, I’d like to share a short-short story I wrote a couple years ago, entitled “Pine.” It was a writing exercise for the now-defunct Alchera Project, inspired by a photo of a certain house. The take-away: Never underestimate where a story might come from. They’re everywhere. Enjoy! -TimK P.S. If you […]