Friday Snippets

Starting a New Business

Remember when I used to post Friday Snippets here? I used to enjoy reading what other writers were writing. Unfortunately, the meme faded out of use. But that doesn’t mean I can’t still post a snippet here. This is the opening scene in From the Ashes of Courage (my newly released novel, which you can […]

Friday Snippet: Kick the Pastor Out of the Church

Another snippet from my dad John King’s memoir Can You See God in This Picture, this time a particulary painful chapter in my own memory. Unlike many Christian memoirs, this is not a book full of feel-good experiences. It’s not always “Praise God!” and miracles, because that’s not life. As Dad said to me: [In […]

Friday Snippet: Back to Butler, PA to Teach Biblical Greek

Here’s a snippet from my dad John King’s memoir Can You See God in This Picture. This is part of the story of our life in Butler, PA. At the time, I was just a few years old, so I don’t really remember these stories first-hand. I’m glad Dad wrote them down before he ran […]

Friday Snippet: Recovery, Relapse, Relationship

Last week, I said I’d post the final version of the draft-0 snippet I had posted 2 weeks ago. And you know what? I just plum forgot to do it. Sheesh! What reminded me was when my computer alarm went off this morning, reminding me to post a friday snippet today. So with my sincere […]

Something I Would Be Embarrassed to Be Seen With (Friday Snippet)

One of the problems I’ve been wrestling with as a writer is that I don’t plan my stories in enough detail. That is, I know what the story is about, and I know where the story is going, but as I’m writing, I hit walls in the plot, and I need to stop, back off, […]

Why I Miss Bill Clinton (Friday Snippet)

Here’s a Friday Snippet from one of the bonus extras included in the upcoming, first volume of The Conscience of Abe’s Turn, a retrospective essay entitled “Whatever Happened to Zorro?” about what inspired and motivated me to write Abe’s Turn. Note that I’m going to be giving away a limited number of copies of the […]

Friday Snippet: The Preface to Abe’s Turn

Getting back into the groove after months of furious editing. Don’t worry; I’ve learned a lot from the experience, and it’ll go much faster next time. (At least that’s the plan.) Just putting the finishing touches on The Conscience of Abe’s Turn. Already posted the ARC version of the text. Now, I’m finishing up the […]

A Friday Snippet on Thursday

I love it when writer’s block breaks. This time, it was an exercise in Holly Lisle’s Create a Plot Clinic e-book that broke the block. I still teeter on the edge of believing whether writer’s block even exists. On the one hand, it is truly all in your mind, and simply reorienting your thoughts will […]

Friday Snippet for the Premier of Jezebel James

I’ve been behind on writing because Client T has a release coming up at the end of this week, and I’m in a pre-release crunch for them. Ditto for Client Y. And on top of that, I’ve been gearing up for the premier of Amy Sherman-Palladino’s new half-hour comedy, The Return of Jezebel James, by […]

Friday Snippet

Another scene from Abe’s Turn, this one piggybacks on the scene a couple weeks ago, in which Ike and Mira kissed. I’m emotionally exhausted this weekend, having written some pretty intense scenes in this chapter and the chapter to come. Plus there was my worst review ever, which actually ended up making me feel pretty […]