Looking for Beta Testers for Kindle/Mobipocket/Palm/iPhone eBook

This has been simmering on the back burner for a while. I’ve put together a digital, open-ebook (OEB) version of The Conscience of Abe’s Turn. I have tested it, of course, using the Mobipocket Reader for Windows, but I can’t test it with handheld ebook readers that support this format, because I don’t personally have […]

War-time Espionage for My Story Character

Just discovered this site,, which contains a series of well-researched articles that Richard Stokes wrote to set forth the true story of Jasper Maskelyne, the so-called war magician. Legend has it that magician Jasper Maskelyne orchestrated a number of grand illusions during World War II, in order to foil the Germans and help the […]

Abe’s Turn is Up at My New Online Web Shop

Just a quick note: The J. Timothy King Web Shop is up and running and taking orders for The Conscience of Abe’s Turn, Volume 1 (with special, introductory pricing through election day, November 4) and 1001 Character Quirks for Writing Fiction: A tool for creating memorable fiction characters (with the ebook version included). And through […]

Why I Miss Bill Clinton (Friday Snippet)

Here’s a Friday Snippet from one of the bonus extras included in the upcoming, first volume of The Conscience of Abe’s Turn, a retrospective essay entitled “Whatever Happened to Zorro?” about what inspired and motivated me to write Abe’s Turn. Note that I’m going to be giving away a limited number of copies of the […]

Finding the You in Your Writing; Finding the Genre in Your You

Too many novice writers–and more than a few professionals–have a wrong idea about genres. This wrong idea can hinder a writer, keep him from finding inspiration in what they write. He thinks that his genre defines his writing, that his writing “has” a genre. But your writing is not what “your genre” is. Genres are […]

Presenting Abe’s Turn, the Novel

Below is a digital mock-up of the first, 4-episode set of The Conscience of Abe’s Turn, which I’m putting together as a 6×9-inch trade paperback for release in April. This first volume spans about 250 pages, including 4 novelette-length episodes plus bonus extras. I’ve been ad-testing graphics and text, and this design represents one of […]