Teaser Tuesdays

The Trouble with Religious Morality

Today’s Quote The trouble with religious morality comes not from morality’s being inescapably pure, but from religion’s being incurably unintelligible. (Bernard Williams) Williams, Bernard. “God, Morality, and Prudence.” Morality: An Introduction to Ethics. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1993. 72. Print.

Teaser Tuesdays: Walking in the Moment between Tick and Tock

One reason I’ve been absent is because I’ve been working on a new book, a book that I’m now on the verge of releasing. (Exciting!) Walking in the Moment between Tick and Tock a short, inspirational book (about ¼ the length of a full-size novel), looking at the period between Passover and Pentecost, between Pesach […]


When this post goes live, I’ll likely be waiting in line at the courthouse. I’m scheduled for jury duty. They do this to me once every number of years. This’ll be the fourth time I’ve been “called” to fulfill my “civic duty.” But if I’m impaneled, it’ll only have been the second time I’ll have […]

Teaser Tuesdays: Mr. Billy! (He rocks!)

Something a little different and quirky and reminiscent (in a good way) today. If you have young kids and you’ve never heard of Billy Grisack, you’ll want to hear this. If you have ever had young kids (like me), and you want to remember the good times, like dancing and jumping to fun and energetic […]

Teaser Tuesdays: Warpaint, by Holly Lisle

The job sounded simple enough; locate a space miner’s missing wives. Quick. Easy. Painless. This was not supposed to have anything to do with the damned Legends. This was supposed to have been a milk run, a simple job of locating two women who’d extended their vacation without notice and getting them back home to […]

Teaser Tuesdays: Personal Development for Smart People

Between Jewish holidays (currently in the season of Sukkot) and family emergencies (currently preparing to take my cat to the vet), I’m reading Steve Pavlina’s book, Personal Development for Smart People: The Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth. I’ve been following Steve Pavlina’s blog on and off for years. His views are sometimes (what I would […]

Teaser Tuesdays on My Wedding Anniversary

As of today, I have been married to Margaret, My Beloved, for 19 years. (Remember to wish us a happy anniversary!) So today, just a quick snippet from one of my own books, a memoir in which I tell the story of meeting My Beloved. Today’s teaser, from chapter 11 of Love through the Eyes […]

Teaser Tuesdays: Dreams & Visions (by Rev. John P. Lathrop)

Through Labor Day, I finished up the publishing of my friend John P. Lathrop’s next book, Dreams & Visions: Divine Interventions in Human Experience. In the New Testament a number of people received divinely-inspired dreams and visions. Their experiences were unique, powerful, and produced action. And the Bible indicates that dreams and visions will continue […]

Teaser Tuesdays: The Investigation, by Stanislaw Lem

I’m still reading The Man Who Did Too Much, a comedic mystery about two very-unlike-each-other characters who get sucked into the danger of international intrigue. I finally got some serious, quality time to spend with this novel, and found that I can’t put it down. I found myself laughing out loud at Karla Marquette and […]

Teaser Tuesdays: The Man Who Did Too Much, by Camille LaGuire (again)

As I mentioned last week, I’m reading The Man Who Did Too Much, a comic murder mystery by Camille LaGuire… a fact that I forgot to note on my GoodReads profile. (Sorry about that.) I don’t know much about the “comedy” part, as this story has not yet made me laugh out loud. [UPDATE: Okay, […]