Giving Stuff Away Is Hard Work

I finally unpacked the three cartons of books that arrived from the printer’s last week, ripped out the packing material, counted the quantities to make sure they were all there, and combined them with my leftover stock into two big piles. Sent out three copies: two autographed for last week’s giveaways and one more for […]

Two Chances to Win the “Ashes of Courage” Book

Two giveaways this week of From the Ashes of Courage: That Great Neil Guy Neil Shurley, a fellow writer (whose stories I love), fellow science-fiction fan, fellow Star Trek nerd, and the guy who tipped me off about the new Columbo book, he’s graciously giving away a copy of From the Ashes of Courage. Check […]

“Big Book Giveaway” Begins

Missy Frye has graciously allowed me to give away a copy of the Love-Idiot book in order to support the “Just Write Blog Carnival,” which has published numerous links to my own articles and stories. This is just the first in a large number of giveaways happening across the Internet over the coming weeks. I’ll […]