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Bits & Pieces 2012-10-25

Links and things that I’ve run across recently. Or Maybe I Need to Learn to Talk Like John Moschitta … or Paris Geller. My mind goes back to one episode of Gilmore Girls (“It Should Have Been Lorelai”, season 2, episode 14—and no, I didn’t know that off the top of my head) when Paris […]

Independence Day Is Here!

When July 4 rolls around, I always feel like we’re well into summer. Of course, summer began just a week and a half ago. I’m up at my in-laws’ camp on the lake today, family visiting with family. A comforting, cool breeze is blowing off the lake. And even though it may sprinkle a little […]

Giving Stuff Away Is Hard Work

I finally unpacked the three cartons of books that arrived from the printer’s last week, ripped out the packing material, counted the quantities to make sure they were all there, and combined them with my leftover stock into two big piles. Sent out three copies: two autographed for last week’s giveaways and one more for […]

Two Chances to Win the “Ashes of Courage” Book

Two giveaways this week of From the Ashes of Courage: That Great Neil Guy Neil Shurley, a fellow writer (whose stories I love), fellow science-fiction fan, fellow Star Trek nerd, and the guy who tipped me off about the new Columbo book, he’s graciously giving away a copy of From the Ashes of Courage. Check […]

Now’s Your Chance to Get Back at Me

Just a quick announcement, since I was feeling ill this week and didn’t get to write a proper Friday post. If you want to get back at me for the picky comments I’ve been making on everyone’s books over at Goodreads, or if you thought one of my reviews was petty and opinionated (which it […]

Christian Fiction, What’s Wrong with It?

Sunday, a friend of mine in church was wearing a T-shirt from a band I didn’t recognize. I asked, “Who are they? Is that a Christian band?” “Well,” he said, “they’re a bunch of Christians who are in a band, but they’re not a Christian band.” I understood immediately. “Like I’m a Christian who writes […]

Starting a New Business

Remember when I used to post Friday Snippets here? I used to enjoy reading what other writers were writing. Unfortunately, the meme faded out of use. But that doesn’t mean I can’t still post a snippet here. This is the opening scene in From the Ashes of Courage (my newly released novel, which you can […]

“From the Ashes of Courage” First Book Reading

I’ll post tomorrow the short post about Julie and Julia that I was planning to finish today, because this was way more exciting. The first box of copies of From the Ashes of Courage came today! With this book, I did not order a proof copy, so I spent the last week nervous that it […]

An Ice-encrusted Car Means that Flowers Are Near

Last night, in between my own personal renditions of the Mission Impossible theme on guitar, I walked out to the car, to drive to practice. And much to my surprise, clad in a tee-shirt, jeans, and denim jacket, I had completely forgotten about the snow storm we got here a couple days ago. Frozen snow […]

Teaser Tuesdays, and FtAoC News

Yesterday, we finalized From the Ashes of Courage and sent it off to the printer’s. We’ll get a pre-order page for autographed copies up on the shop ASAP. Amazon and &c should have it on their sites by February 1, and Google Books &c soon thereafter. In the meantime, I’ve released the ebook version, […]