The Bat-Mitzvah Speech

I am truly humbled by the overwhelming response to my daughters’ bnot mitzvah. We had over 2 dozen family and friends who came out for the service. Firstly, a public apology for the length: 3 hours, a whole hour longer than a normal service— I knew it was going to go longer than our usual […]

Bits & Pieces 2012-10-25

Links and things that I’ve run across recently. Or Maybe I Need to Learn to Talk Like John Moschitta … or Paris Geller. My mind goes back to one episode of Gilmore Girls (“It Should Have Been Lorelai”, season 2, episode 14—and no, I didn’t know that off the top of my head) when Paris […]

So You’ve Never Been to a Bat Mitzvah

As you may know, I’m not Jewish. My wife and kids are. From a spiritual perspective, I’m a Gentile living in the land of Messiah. And I’m satisfied that that’s where I belong, at least for now. But none of the unusualness of this increasingly common situation is going to keep my girls from becoming […]

And Which Part of the Bar Mitzvah Is That?

This morning, I napped while my daughters attended their bat mitzvah lessons. I’ve been exhausted after watching just about every bar-mitzvah themed TV episode ever produced (though some of them at 4x speed, just because the shows themselves were so stupid). Nonetheless, this exercise has revealed to me one important fact: the bar mitzvah is […]

The Day My Daughter Becomes a Man

Sometimes so many things get going on, it’s hard to keep track. One big project coming up is my girls’ bnot mitzvah. For those of you not in the know (which included myself up until recently), that’s “bnot mitzvah,” which is more than one bat mitzvah. So each of my girls is having a bat […]