The Lazy Man’s Ginger Chicken Stir-Fry… at least the leftovers

Yesterday—which is when I’m actually writing this—I told the Missus, “You know, every time I make a new dish, I should take a picture of it as a matter of course. She agreed without hesitating. Because I had made dinner Sunday afternoon, and we had eaten our fill, and only then did I think that […]

Bacon-wrapped, chicken-stuffed-duck–stuffed turkey

I think I’m going to be sick. I thought of filing this under “Health – Weight Loss,” as a joke, but even I’m not that cruel. Another recipe just too disgusting not to take a look at. Like a fatal accident on the highway, everyone just has to slow down and take a peek. From […]

Honey-Curry Chicken (Kosher)

This is a honey-baked chicken recipe that we make every year for our synagogue’s Passover seder. But we like it enough that I tend to make it all year round. I was whipping up a batch for Sunday dinner tomorrow, because my parents are coming over to visit, and I mentioned it on Twitter. One […]