OpenOffice Drop Caps Too Big? Try This Work-around

This is an issue I’ve been wrestling with in 3, and I just now figured out a work-around. I use OpenOffice Writer to typeset most of my books, because it works well enough, and it’s cross-platform (kinda). I also usually use drop caps of some sort, because studies show that they improve readership. (Believe […]

OpenOffice 3.0 on My Mac– Now Reverting to 2.4

I finally got around to installing the new OpenOffice 3.0 on my MacBook Pro. The big feature I’ve been waiting for, of course, is that OpenOffice 3 now uses the native Mac GUI. Prior versions only used X11, and Apple’s X11 server kinda sucks. So using OpenOffice 2.4 is a less than optimal experience. The […]